Saturday, 20 June 2020

Mix Tape by Jane Sanderson

Mix Tape was unexpectedly delightful.  It is the story of a young couple who fall apart and then many years later get in contact again.  They have a common interest in music – the title comes from a mix tape that the boyfriend gave his girlfriend and also from the links to music that they share later on.

I am old enough to remember creating mix tapes on my cassettes – oh my, those were the day.  The songs on the mix tape are listed in the book and apparently are available as a mix tape.  They weren't my genre so I haven't followed that up.

The author is able to deal with difficult events with a restraint that is admirable.  You will laugh and cry with this one.

My only niggle is that the female protagonist's husband is stereotypical high class Australian. While the author captured Adelaide quite well, she didn't quite do so well with the people.  But that is neither here nor there for this story.

I also thought that the cover didn't do the book any justice.


  1. Having spent a lot of time in Adelaide, the fact that you mentioned it is set there makes this tempting to read.

  2. Wow, I agree with you about the cover. And mix tapes bring back good memories. Acquiring music seemed much simpler then.


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