Monday, 8 June 2020

Départements de France: Aisne

This is the second instalment of a new monthly feature going through the 95 Departments of France in alphabetical order to check out things of interest. I hope you enjoy it

Location – very northern and central on the horizontal plane. Has a border with Belgium.

Origin of name – named after the river.

Pronounciation – 'ayn'


Capital – Laon

Historical titbit – Saint Quentin is named for the saint who was martyred there in the 3rd century.

Signature foods – Ficelle (rolled crepe with cream cheese, mushrooms and ham), Maroilles cheese, Baguette Laonnaise

Famous places to visit – Laon cathedral, Saint Quentin town hall (art deco), Castle of Coucy,

Famous people from Aisne – Alexandre Dumas

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  1. I like traveling with you this way. Great post.


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