Monday, 11 May 2020

Départements de France: Ain

This is the first instalment of a new monthly feature going through the 95 Departments of France in alphabetical order to check out things of interest. It replaces the States of the US. I hope you enjoy it

Location – on the middle right side of France.  In the Auvernge-Rhone-Alps region. It borders Switzerland.

Origin of name – named for the river.

Flag – a very busy flag

Main towns – Bourg-en-Bresse (the Capital) and Oyonnax (known for its plastics industry)

Signature foods – Poulet de Bresse, Bleu de Bresse (cheese), Pike dumplings with Nantua sauce, Pérouges Cake

Famous places to visit in Ain – Massive train viaduct, Pérouges, Church of Brou, Cerveyrieu Waterfall, Dombes, Savoyard Bresse

Historical snippets – Originally created as a department during the French Revolution.  600 people were deported during WWII and about half never returned – a consequence of the French resistance being active in Ain.

Famous People from Ain: Jacques Pépin (chef), Jérôme Lalande (astronomer), Lise Berthaud (violist), Georges Blanc (chef). Paul Collomb (painter)

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  1. Nice photos and that quiche? looks really good. Have a great week!


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