Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Published in 1955 – a very good year!

Bath Tangle by Georgette Heyer was just the thing to read in a lockdown. It took me to a world and time so different to today.

Set in the Regency and mostly in Bath, this is a wonderfully subtly funny tale of the impulsive Lady Serena, her ex fiancée the dark and brooding Lord Rotheram and the tangle they get themselves into.  The author untangles them again with great talent.  Such fun!


  1. When I saw Georgette Heyerdahl, I rushed over here! Back in the 70’s I read every single one of her books and there are many! Yes, a different world so far away! I bet I have forgotten the plots since it’s been so many years ago! Thank you for reminding me of her! Once the book stores open I’m going to get some!

  2. I think I would like this book, the plot sounds to my liking. It is so good to escape into a world created by an author, and forget this crisis!


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