Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Lower Sugar Apricot Jam

Carole's Chatter: Lower Sugar Apricot Jam

We like having home made jam on our toast for breakfast.  But I have always felt uneasy at how much sugar goes into it.  So I made a batch of lower sugar apricot jam – and was pleased to find that it was just as good!

I had 500g of apricots (weight after removing their stones).

I added to the chopped apricots 250g of sugar (half the quantity the normal recipes would suggest), the juice of 1 lemon (to help with jam setting), a tablespoon of brandy (obviously optional) and a few drops of vanilla extract.

I boiled it until it reached the setting stage.  You test this by putting a small quantity onto a very cold plate and then running your finger through it to see if the jam on each side stays separate or runs together.  When it stays separate the jam is ready.

Just before turning off the hob I added 1 teaspoon of stevia powder (a natural herbal sweetener which is over 10 times sweeter than sugar).

I put the jam into clean, hot jars and put a little waxed paper disc on top of each one before putting the lid on.  I keep this jam in the fridge since the jars were not fully sterilised.

The jam didn't taste at all of the brandy or the vanilla but to my mind they did accentuate the apricotiness of the end product.

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