Sunday, 15 March 2020

A Bacon Experiment – Microwave and Pan Fry compared

Carole's Chatter: Bacon Experiment

I recently skimmed through a book called The Bacon Book – and found that you can microwave bacon.

So I did 3 rashers in the microwave (at full whack for 3 minutes).  You just put them in a single layer on kitchen paper on a plate.

At the same time I fried the rest of the rashers and they, too, got 3 minutes.

The results?  The microwave bacon was a bit more cooked but the difference wasn't really huge.  The microwaved bacon is on the blue plate.

So the microwave does work – but is better for smaller amounts of bacon.


  1. Interesting experiment. I always use a pan on the stove. I’ve heard that baking/roasting in the oven works too. I’ve never done that because I worry that it would make a mess of the oven

  2. That’s a cool comparison. Those are large slices of bacon!

  3. We used to do bacon in the microwave years ago but haven't done for a while. We generally use the frying pan.

  4. I've cooked bacon both ways and I agree with you, there isn't much of a difference.

  5. The microwave is how I cook our bacon. No spatter when I put a paper towel over the tray. I use a bacon dish especially designed for bacon. It has ridges that allows the bacon grease to collect at the bottom so the bacon isn't sitting in it. That bacon grease is like a secret ingredient in so many dishes I cook.


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