Sunday, 26 January 2020

The Dearly Beloved by Cara Wall

The Dearly Beloved is not a perfectly written book.  It took me almost a third of it to get hooked.  Many people might have given up before then.  But it ended up a really good, and unusual read.

What can I tell you without spoilers? The book centers around 2 Presbyterian ministers and their wives.  You get the back stories of all the participants and then are with them as they work together as co-ministers in New York.  One of the wives is an atheist with a tragic background.  The other is a Southern gracious lady.  So there is conflict and tragedy as well as hope and faith.

Carol from Reading Ladies linked her review in to Books You Loved. She loved this book and although I am slightly less enamoured I certainly agree that it was 'exceptional memorable and thoughtful'.

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