Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Save Me The Plums by Ruth Reichl

I've enjoyed previous books by this author so I read this one too (See here for My Kitchen Year (post Gourmet) and here for Delicious, a novel).  I wasn't quite as enamoured of this one until I was hit by Chapter 17 and this amazing story made the whole book worthwhile.

So ignore the bad reviews on Goodreads and give this a go.  Get it from the library and read Chapter 17 at least.

There are a few recipes but no illustrations or pictures – so it's not really a cookbook at all.

The time period of this memoir is from just before Ruth accepts the editor's job at Gourmet until the magazine's demise 10 years later.  A salutary tale.
By the way the title is from a poem by William Carlos Williams.


  1. I actually enjoyed the whole book. This is the first one I had read of hers, so I look forward to reading more. I do agree that the book got better with age (or pages). :)


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