Thursday, 26 December 2019

Need Some Inspiration? Try Leftovers and Peas & Beans!

Marinated Green Pea Salad 

Food on Friday: December has great ways with leftovers and super pea and bean dishes.  Here are some to inspire you today. 

The pic at the top was brought over by Jean of Delightful Repast – Marinated Green Pea Salad  - and a great plate too!

Check out these delightful Bavarian Green Beans by Judith of The Midnight Baker

Christoph of James & Everett brought us a fabulous leftovers sandwich – Grilled Thanksgiving Sandwich

Spring Vegetable Quiche by Alecia of Vegetarian & Cooking

Arugula, Fresh Peas & Orange Salad by MJ's Kitchen  - we call arugula, rocket here in NZ.

Margaret of I'm Turning 60 linked in Shepherd's Pie using Leftovers

For other dishes head over to this Pinboard for Leftovers and this one for Peas & Beans

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