Wednesday, 9 October 2019

The Big Kahuna by Janet and Peter Evanovich

For those who were wondering Peter is Janet's son.  Apparently he has been part of her writing team for a long time but this is the first book I can recall having his name on it.  I wonder how it works…

The Big Kahuna is a madcap romp with an FBI agent, Kate O'Hare, and her sidekick Nick Fox (international jewel thief).  The book is fast paced and crosses the globe several times. The minor characters are typical Evanovich whack jobs.

It is classic Evanovich and if you are a fan you'll like this one.  I may not have chosen to post about it but one of the main scenes is set in Queenstown and Arrowtown, in New Zealand.

The authors have clearly done their research because the descriptions are true to reality.

The previous Fox & O'Hare novels had Lee Goldberg as the co-author.  There is more to this change than meets the eye – Lee Goldberg's website says he did research for the book and Janet Evanovich's says he wasn't available….

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