Friday, 11 October 2019

A New Zealand book every kid should read before the age of 12 - The Travelling Restaurant by Barbara Else

The New Zealand Book Council came up with a list of books by New Zealanders that they reckon every kid should have read by the age of 12.  I decided to check out the ones I haven't read and post about the ones I agreed were good (in no particular order).

The Travelling Restaurant was a joy to read.  There was a glorious baddie – Lady Gall – and an appealing and humble hero – 12 year old Jasper.  It's a great yarn and will appeal to all ages and sexes – but mostly with boys, I guess. I have been surprised how many of the books aimed at tween are in fact great reads for adults as well.  This is another of them.

It's a good read at almost 300 pages – so sink your teeth into it.  There are 3 other Fontania novels as well.

Barbara Else has also written books for adults – I'm going to check some out.

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  1. I just went and checked out the list. Made me wish I grew up a Kiwi! I think it is cool you are reading these books.


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