Saturday, 19 October 2019

55 by James Delargy

55 was way out of my normal wheelhouse.  This is about a serial killer loose in the outback of Australia and the cops who are involved in trying to solve the case -  Sergeant Chandler Jenkins and his former best friend, now boss, Inspector Mitch Adams.

The premise is interesting – 2 men are found both of whom say they are the victim of the other.  What was the connection?

The title comes from the killer (whoever it was) telling their victim that they were going to be No 55.

Be ready for a wakeful night after this one!

The author is Irish but has lived in various places (including Australia) and is currently a resident of England.  This is his debut.


  1. So will you be reading more crime thrillers?

  2. Oh, heavens! I don't think my constitution is strong enough for this one!


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