Sunday, 25 August 2019

The Flame by Leonard Cohen

Don't bother reading this if you aren't a Leonard Cohen fan.  This book was compiled mostly in the time just before his death.  It is a collection of his poems, lyrics and some of his notebook entries.

I have chosen one little poem for you today (others will be inflicted on you in due course).

I can't break the code
Of our frozen love
It’s too late to know
What the password was

I reach for the past
Keep coming up short
And everything feels
Like a last resort

Tho' we've called it quits
And there’s nothing left
Still I hear my lips
Make these promises

Though we've squandered the truth
And there's little left
We can still sweep the room
We can still make the bed

When the world is false
I won't say it's true
When the darkness calls
I will go with you

In a time of shame
In the great Alarm
When they call your name
We'll go arm in arm


  1. Carole,
    I enjoy Leonard Cohen's songs but not sure about reading his book of poems. thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for sharing. Totally new to me.


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