Wednesday, 21 August 2019

My Goodness by Joe Queenan

Ok, I can't recommend everything about this book but it was just so funny in a sarcastic way that you must read it.

A professional curmudgeon decides to stop being a nasty person and try to be good. It lasts about 6 months but the experiment is described in an incredibly subversively funny way.

It's not a new book – published in 2000 but that doesn't affect it.

It has a variety of reviews on Goodreads but that doesn't really surprise me.  Many of the reviewers just take a book at face value.  Here the wit is precisely in the fact that the author treats his experiment seriously while at the same time poking fun at everyone including himself.

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  1. I will look for this book, I like authors who poke fun at everyone, including themselves.


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