Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Rosalie Lightning by Tom Hart

This is a graphic memoir covering a very difficult period in the illustrator/writers life – the death at just under 2 years old of their much loved daughter Rosalie Lightning.

So you won't find this an easy read.  It is a searing honest (seems to be anyway) look into the feelings of parents following a tragic loss.  They obsess over whether they should have picked up signs and then sink into virtual holes of despair.  They attend a grief workshop.

One of the many things that struck a chord with me was the way they kept on stumbling over people who had also experienced loss of a young child.  I know that phenomenon.

This book is touching emotional and real.


  1. I just finished Fall & Rise, The Story of 9/11...think I need a break from 'sad' 'touching' stories...but I'll put this one on my list! THanks!

  2. If you mean you know the experience of losing a young child, my heart goes out to you. Interesting that he used the graphic novel form.


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