Friday, 11 January 2019

Food on Friday: January 2019

It's the second Friday of the month and a New Year so here is Food on Friday. 

As you can see, there are 3 new themes – Eggs, Pancakes, and Pork.  I hope you'll find some great stuff to share in those categories.
Feel free to add a number of dishes under each category and come back later in the month to add more if you would like to.   

To add your dishes, just put the name of the dish together with your blog name/name into the first Mr Linky box you will find below.  Then paste the url for your post about it into the second box. Mr Linky now makes you tick a compliance box which I always forget first time!

I'll be pinning your creations to the relevant Pinboards – Eggs, Pancakes, and Pork.

Have fun!


  1. Happy New Year! Finally having some snow and winter here, been very dry and warm. Snowy days always inspire me to do some baking! Some good looking dishes this month! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Happy New Year, Carole and all!
    About links 41-43… the Finnish Pancakes are a Thunder Bay Favourite. Ma’s Oven Pancakes are great for a light supper or brunch (the post has 4 filling recipes, as well as a recipe for Yorkshire Pudding).
    Her pork chop recipe is a little different - the post also has links for other recipes that use capers, too, so they won’t just sit on the shelf :)


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