Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Bibliophile by Jane Mount

This book is both delightful and quite odd – quirky, I suppose you could say. This is a very cheerful book. Don't buy it, get it from the library to see what I mean.

Bibliophile  is a word meaning a lover of books.  Here the author, a talented illustrator, is sharing her love of books and bookstores around the world.  And also of rooms authors wrote in and of different genres.  I've picked a couple of pages to give you a flavour.

Did I find any new books to check out?  Yes, in the graphic novel section but otherwise I had heard of the books (or wasn't particularly interested in the genre).

This would make a good gift for someone special who was also a complete book nerd.


  1. I am not a complete book nerd but I do know someone who is!!

  2. Just what I need. Another book that will swell my TBR lists. It does sound like good eye candy though.

  3. I loved this book so much! I spent hours reading through it and writing down all my want-to-read books from it.


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