Saturday, 8 December 2018

The Girl from Berlin by Ronald H Balson

The Girl from Berlin was an unusual read for me.  I gave it a go based on a post on Silver's Reviews. I really enjoyed the book.  It was very well written indeed.  The dual timeline in particular was very natural.

So there is a current day mystery – a corporation is trying to force an old lady off her Tuscan land.   An American couple is enticed to go there and help.

The old lady gives them a memoir to read.  The memoir is by Ada who is the girl from Berlin.

I don't get political on the blog but I must say that the pre war narrative of how people got used to Hitler and how even Jewish people didn't take him seriously enough – well it made you think about some things going on in our own times.

A great read which handled some difficult subjects sensitively.

Apparently the American couple have been in 4 previous books – I need to look them out.


  1. Thanks for review. They don't have it our library (downloadable) so I'll check when we get to Florida! Thanks again!

  2. I saw this on several blogs myself. Seems a good story. I agree after sometime we do get used to dictators etc in our midst. A kind of fatalistic acceptance

  3. I visited Berlin while the wall was still in place. This sounds as if it would be interesting.


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