Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Free Food for Millionaires by Min Jin Lee

On the cover of Free Food For Millionaires there is a blurb from part of a Times review that says 'a big, beguiling book'.

This captures this book perfectly for me.  It is big at over 500 pages but the author is so accomplished that you are completely drawn in.

The story follows a year or so in the lives of Casey Han the daughter of Korean immigrants to the US and her sister and best friend.  That doesn't sound exciting but believe me this book is a great read.

The weakest thing about the book is the title which doesn't really capture the flavour of the book for me.

This is Min Jin Lee's first book.  I haven't read her second one Pachinko – but I understand it is quite different but also good.


  1. I loved Pachinko and want to go back and read this one.

  2. This too was my introduction to Min Jin Lee. I took it out from the library based on the title! She is a great writer and Pachinko is even more of an achievement. Here is a link to my review:


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