Thursday, 13 September 2018

Throwback Thursday – Travelling Back in Time

One of the many highlights of our trip in France in 2014 was to visit the town (near Bordeaux) called Saint Émilion.  It is associated with some of the most famous red wines in the world.  There have been vineyards in the area since the second century.  Now that's history! 

St Émilion is a  hilltop town - very picturesque - touristy but not totally overrun by them. This town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

I found out later that this church is a monolithic church – the bottom of it is hewn out of a single block of stone 

We bought a good red wine from the Grand Cave de St Émilion  -Couvent des Jacobins - Grand Cru Classe Saint Émilion  - 2004.  It was part of a special gift for my brother in law. 

We were wandering about the town and fell over some old buildings with modern animal sculptures including cows and giraffes. 

Walked across town to be by the tower – called the King's Tower – we didn't climb it. It is the remnants of a castle.

My souvenir tea towel showing the Bordeaux wine areas 

We had lunch at a nice bistro (Le Bistrot des Vignobles) with tables in the garden. Luckily we were seated under the large awning so weren't affected when the rain set in. We both had set menus - cold salad (lots of fruit), supreme de Voillaile and panna cotta - all good. I went to town with foie gras, and duck - both delicious and good value 

I recommend Saint-Émilion to you.


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