Monday, 10 September 2018

State of the Month: New Mexico

Here is the next instalment of my monthly feature going through the States of the United States in alphabetical order to check out how they got named, what their flag is like and other things of interest. 

Location – the state borders Mexico as well as Oklahoma, Arizona and Texas

Origin of name – New Mexico was named that well before Mexico got its name.

Nicknames – Land of Enchantment


Capital – Santa Fe (largest city is Albuquerque)

Unusual town name – Elephant Butte named not for an elephant's bottom but for a hill nearby that looks a bit like an elephant

Flower – Yucca

Bird – Greater Roadrunner

Signature foods – Red chile sauce (thanks to MJs Kitchen for the pic), Carne adovada, Posole

Famous places to visit – Hoodoo Formations, Roswell (for aliens), Carlsbad Caverns, Four Corners Monuments (stand on the intersection between 4 States)

Famous people from New Mexico – DH Lawrence, George RR Martin, Georgia O'Keeffe. William Hanna, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, John Denver, Jeff Bezos

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  1. Nice little summary of my state!! A very humorous thing about NM is that many people, even US citizens don't realize it is a state. I've had people ask me if I needed a passport to come and go, one company told me it didn't ship internationally, and don't even get me started on the food. :)


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