Wednesday 15 August 2018

Cheese By Michel Roux

You may have noticed my recent post about Eggs – that book inspired me to get another one by roux called cheese.  It takes much the same approach with the same brilliant photographs (done by a different photographer though).

There are over a hundred recipes featuring cheese.  Some that i want to try include – Farandole Of Sweet And Savoury Spoonfuls, Gazpacho With Goat's Cheese Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes, Courgette Soup With Cancoillotte, Green Salad With Lemony Curd Dressing, Smoked Salmon On Cucumber Julienne With A Mornay Glaze, Malfatti on a Red Pepper and Tomato Coulis, Mascarpone stuffed Poached Apricots and Ricotta with Berries and Passion Fruit

Get this one out from your library and stand by to be inspired.


  1. A cookbook on cheese? I so need this book!

  2. favorite food group!!!

  3. I'm so picky with cheese....I only like some melted cheese. I can't eat the cold stuff. Except cheeseballs with crackers.


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