Saturday, 7 July 2018

Regions of New Zealand – Bay of Plenty

This month's region is the Bay of Plenty

Location – As you will probably know, New Zealand is found towards the bottom of the Pacific Ocean some 2000k (or approx. 1300 miles) to the East of Australia.  As you can see the Bay of Plenty is on the East of the North Island.

Origin of name – the bay was named by Captain James Cook – he noticed the abundance of food in the area (compared to a previous bay he visited and called Poverty Bay)

Main Cities – Tauranga and Rotorua – Tauranga is a pretty small city – both as in pretty and small. It is right at the end of the Bay – in the foreground of the pic at the top.

Places to visit – Mount Maunganui, Hot Mud Pools (Rotorua), McLaren Falls Park, Ohope Beach

Famous people from the Bay of Plenty

And also from the Bay of Plenty

Mahe Drysdale (Olympic rower)
Simon Bridges (Leader of the Opposition)
Valerie Adams (Olympic Shotputter)
Steven Adams (basketballer)
Sir Howard Morrison (entertainer)

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