Wednesday, 11 July 2018

My Friend Fear by Meera Lee Patel

My Friend Fear is very worthy of your attention.  The title is not to my taste but the book is.  The author is a talented illustrator – and it is the illustrations that make this book special.  I haven't been able to get my hands on her first book yet – Start Where You Are – but based on this one, I'm sure I want to read it.

My Friend Fear is a quick read – lots of white space and illustrations so is perfect for dipping into for a bit of inspiration.

I hope the pages I have chosen to share with you give you a flavour of the book because I couldn't find the right words for it.


  1. This book looks wonderful and the illustrations are charming.

  2. I want to find a copy of this book. Thanks for bringing it our attention!

  3. Ahh, how utterly gorgeous and what an incredible coffee table book to draw inspiration from! I love these types of books that you can put out on display for guests to browse, it looks stunning! Thanks so much for sharing Carole ♡♡♡


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