Saturday, 21 July 2018

Are you feeling punny too?


  1. During the Revolutionary War, there was a small encampment of patriot soldiers the woods. Before they went to bed that night, they tied chickens (they were saving them for a special meal when needed) to the trees around the campground.

    Sure enough, some British soldiers were stumbling through the woods that night and frightened the chickens. Their screams and clucks woke the Patriots and they were able to defeat and capture the entire group of British soldiers. A few nights later, the cook prepared the chickens for dinner.

    The soldiers said, "This is really good. What do you call it?"

    The chef said that in honor of these special chickens who saved their lives, he called it "Chicken Catch a Tory." :)

  2. You probably have this site saved, but if not here’s the link to The Punpedia ( I’m thoroughly impressed that someone took the time and effort to create a punpedia.


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