Monday, 11 June 2018

State of the Month: Nevada

Here is the next instalment of my monthly feature going through the States of the United States in alphabetical order to check out how they got named, what their flag is like and other things of interest. 

Location – Nevada is called a Western State and, indeed, it is although it isn't on the West Coast – it's just to the right of California.

Origin of name – From the Spanish for 'snow-covered'

Nicknames – Silver State, Battle Born State


Capital – Carson City (less than 100k pop) (but the largest city is Las Vegas)

Flower – Sagebrush

State Bird – Mountain Bluebird

Signature foods – casino buffets, Bone-in rib-eye steak, Late night steak & eggs

Famous places to visit – Las Vegas is a good starting point for a trip to Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.  If you like desert this is the State for you – although there was nuclear testing done there in the 50's.  Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas strip

Famous businesses/brands – Casinos, of course. 

Famous people from Nevada – Andre Agassi, Nicolas Cage, Mark Twain

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