Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Plum Plus Jam – Again

Carole's Chatter; Plum Plus Jam Again

I called this jam Plum Plus because in addition to the plums I included a handful of blueberries, some sour cherry nectar and a splash of Amaretto (an almond flavoured liqueur).

I have posted about my normal approach to jam making – here.

But I used a different technique for this jam and it worked just fine.  I didn't pit the plums (1.5k) but simply put them in the jam pot with the sour cherry nectar and some water and simmered them for 30 minutes.

The fruit turned pulpy and I was able to fish out the plum pits with a slotted spoon.  I missed a few I think but they will be easy to spot when spreading the jam.

I then added the sugar (1k of jam setting sugar) and a tablespoon or so of Amaretto.  You boil this away merrily until you get to the setting stage.  It took longer because of the original water that needed to be boiled off a bit.

The only stressful thing about making jam is making sure that you boil it long enough for the jam to set but not so long that it goes too thick and loses the fresh flavour.  As a result my jams tend to be a bit on the runny side ever since one overcooked disaster which was practically inedible.

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