Sunday, 1 April 2018

We Snapped up this Snapper – Flash Fried in Butter with a Split Sauce

Carole's Chatter: Snapper Flash Fried in Butter

This fish was very fresh so was always going to be a treat – you can't really get it wrong (so long as you don't overcook it).  But the sauce, which tasted ok split so its texture was not right.


Fresh snapper fillet
Butter and oil
Crème fraiche
Lemon juice
Small leaf basil


I made the sauce in a separate pot – but I think I would have been better to do the fish first, set it aside in foil and then make the sauce in the same pan.

Fry the fish in a generous amount of butter, spending about 2 minutes on one side and only turning over to the other for about 30 seconds.  This means that the presentation side will have a little colour and the fish won't be overcooked.

The sauce is just made by whisking the other ingredients together and heating gently.  It split when I tipped the butter from the fish pan into it.

What sauces do you prefer with white fish?


  1. Nothing like fresh fish! My husband use to go deep sea fishing and come home with fresh fish- it was the best

  2. I love a lemon caper & butter sauce meuniere. Sounds fancy, but pretty easy.

  3. Thanks for the idea, I have never thought about flash frying. We usually grill it.
    By the way, I love your comment about the Lamingtons on Claudia’s site!

  4. I too like lemon-caper sauce -- whether on fish or chicken.


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