Thursday, 8 March 2018

Foods that you have to try if you are in New Zealand: Part I

Bacon & egg pie has been a Kiwi classic forever.  Whipped up for every picnic.  Eaten cold or hot.  I have posted about my version here.  I included peas but the basic pie probably would not.  Not to be missed.

Cheerios – a real kid's favourite.  When little visits to the butcher would mean him giving children a cheerio each.  Nowadays eating a raw sausage would be frowned on.

I think many people would call cheerios cocktail sausages.  Dipped in tomato sauce, nothing better for a kid's party.

Very easy to cook – just put into hot water and leave to sit for 10 minutes.  Don't boil them or the skins will split.

Cheese roll – a regional speciality.  Found mostly in the beautiful South Island.  I have posted about cheese rolls here.  This is not gourmet fare – it is humble old fashioned and all the better for it.

Crayfish – you might know these beauties as red rock lobsters.  They are found at the bottom of the sea.  What you might know as crayfish will probably be freshwater creatures – we call those koura.

This is not a cheap food.  A real treat.  We sometimes just call them crays. 

Fairy bread – Fairy bread is an Australasian thing – like Cheerios, fairy bread is mainly found at kid's parties.  It is really old school.  White bread, buttered with hundreds and thousands sprinkled on top.  Nothing at all healthy about it!  You might know hundreds and thousands as nonpareils.

Feijoas – I wouldn't be surprised if you had never heard of a feijoa before.  It is a fruit extensively grown in back yards in New Zealand.  Only relatively recently has it been commercially grown and sold in greengrocers.  It is also known as pineapple guava.  Feijoas come into their own between March and June here in New Zealand.


  1. Oh, Carole!!! I loved this post! I now have three new recipes to try! One without even having to print off - the Fairy Bread!! Will be making that this weekend when we are at the ranch! Guess who's coming to camp out with us? The quads and their parents. They will tent camp and I will be serving Fairy Bread! Thanks for all these recipes!

  2. We call the Cheerios "Little smokies". I'd love to have one of those cheese rolls. Never had Crayfish but would love to taste it. I love lobster, shrimp and crab so this looks like its right down my ally.


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