Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Two Steps Forward By Graeme Simsion & Anne Buist

I didn't have particularly high expectations for this book.  I loved The Rosie Project but didn't enjoy Simsion's latest work.  And the book was a collaboration.

I was curious about how the two authors divided up the work on this book.  I found this in a newspaper article:

"Buist wrote from Zoe's perspective, Simsion from Martin's. They then merged the two journeys. Simsion reduced the manuscript to half its size and they edited each other's chapters."

It seems to have worked very well.  While reading the book I was unable to detect any difference in writing style between the points of view.

This book is worth reading for many reasons:

·         The setting being walking to Santiago de Compostela – the St James Way
·         France and its customs
·         The humour
·         The plot was interesting and not too obvious
·         The ending!

I think this one will be a hit!


  1. I very much want to read this, the Rosie Project is one of my favorite novels and I would love to walk the Camino and have read several books by pilgrims walking it. Did you see the great movie The Way starring Martin Sheen, fiction about his Camino walk?

  2. New one for me. I've always thought a collaboration must be tough but this division seems to have worked very well. Thank you for the review.


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