Monday, 26 February 2018

King of the Road by Roger Miller – a real earworm of a song

Trailer for sale or rent, rooms to let, fifty cents.
No phone, no pool, no pets, I ain't got no cigarettes
Ah, but, two hours of pushin' broom
Buys an eight by twelve four-bit room
I'm a man of means by no means, king of the road.

Before Roger Miller hit the big time, he was known to say that 'one day I'm gonna write a song so big they'll play it at ball games'.  And this song was it.

Head on over to this YouTube clip – but be warned this tune will stick.

Roger Miller was born in Texas and was raised in Oklahoma.  He was a generous man and other song writers used to follow him about to pick up lines for songs. He married 3 times and had 9 children – some might think that he was a glutton for punishment.  Sadly we lost Roger to cancer in 1992.

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  1. Roger Miller is one of our all time favorites!!! You can't help but smile over his songs! and then he wrote the music to the Broadway play Big River. Who would have thought?? couldn't have been more different than his playful songs! He was a very talented man.


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