Saturday, 9 December 2017

Seven Days Of Us by Francesca Hornak

Seven Days of Us ended up being a really good read.  At one early stage though I was wondering whether it was one of those books that pack in so many contemporary themes without them all being essential to the story.  It didn't end up like that. 

The Ebola like theme (which is called the Haag virus) means that the family is forced to stay indoor over Christmas week without seeing anyone else.  This created the necessary stressed environment that almost every family of grown ups feel when having to spend a lot more time than usual with each other.

The wildly different mind sets of the 2 sisters rang true – although the book tended to paint one as flighty and materialistic and the other as a saint – by the end of the book you realise that they are both flawed.

I can't really tell you much more about it without letting several cats out of the bag.  This is a good read – at any time of the year – not just at Christmastime.

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