Wednesday, 15 November 2017

How Hard Can It Be? By Allison Pearson

How Hard Can It Be? Is a sequel to I Don't Know How She Does It (which was a runaway success).  And my prediction is that this book will be a huge success as well. I think it is even better than the original.

This book has the same characters a few years later.  It is both laugh out loud funny and at times achingly real.

So if you want a laugh here's a book with it all:

Dealing with teenagers in today's world – belfies anyone?

Dealing with a man having a mid-life crisis (actually this was a bit too stereotypic for me)

Dealing with 'that time of life' – which is called Perry – there is one incident at a client meeting which had me wincing and laughing at certain memories of my own.

Dealing with going back to work after years away

I am in awe that after 15 years the author has effortlessly picked up the main character without a false note sounding.

Get your name down on the waiting list for this one right now. 

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