Saturday, 14 October 2017

The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory

The Last Tudor is not only about 3 women that the author regards as the last of the Tudor line but is also the last book in her series about the Tudor women.

This is a factually based historical novel.  It deals with the 3 sisters – Lady Jane Grey and her younger sisters Catherine and Mary.  The fate of Lady Jane is dealt with fairly quickly – which I felt was just as well because she was depicted as a completely humourless pious self satisfied prig.  But so young.

Most of the book is about the lives of the younger sisters who suffered from the wrath of Queen Elizabeth the First.  It must be said that the portrait drawn of the Queen in this book is extremely unsympathetic.

One thing that Lady Mary said in the book stuck out to me.  She commented that the Queen loved giving grand funerals to her cousins but hated them when they were alive.

A good read for lovers of the Tudors.


  1. I enjoy reading about the Tudors, and Gregory's books, but am glad I am not living then, especially at court, where life was dangerous.

  2. very interesting. I do find it a change up when they paint the Queen in a darker light and make her the bad guy. I love Elizabeth, but it is interesting to see her in a different light.

  3. I've heard of this one but haven't read it. Thanks for the review :).

  4. I loved this one too Carole and I just linked it in the Books You Love list for November :-) Great minds think alike!


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