Monday, 30 October 2017


This month's quiz is about Movies – hope you do well.  As always if you highlight the line under each question you will see the answer.

1             Whose songs feature in Toy Story?
Randy Newman
2             Which classic film has a rabbit called Thumper?
3             Who directed The Godfather and all its sequels?
Francis Ford Coppola
4             Who starred in, and co-wrote Ghostbusters?
Dan Akroyd
5             In which film did Michael Douglas say 'Greed is good'?
Wall Street
6             Who played Princess Leia in the Star Wars trilogy?
Carrie Fisher
7             What was Michael Douglas' profession in Basic Instinct?
8             Who played opposite Nicolas Cage in Captain Corelli's Mandolin?
Penelope Cruz
9             Who directed Gladiator?
Ridley Scott
10          For which movie did Julia Roberts win her first Oscar?
Erin Brokovich

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