Wednesday, 18 October 2017

It Takes One To Tango by Winifred M Reilly

Please don't misunderstand why I am recommending this book to you.  While the premise of the book is about how to improve a bad marriage – I think its application is a whole lot broader.

For anyone with family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances who is interested in building solid positive relationships, this book will be an eye opener.  In fact I think it could also be required reading for posturing leaders of countries – Rocket Man, anyone?

Once I read the book, the ideas behind it seemed so obviously right!

At the risk of trivialising an important book, the main ideas I took from it were:

·         The idea that a relationship will stay fabulous over time without any effort is a complete myth
·         You can choose to end any relationship but if you choose to stay, it is up to you to work on yourself and your own behaviour.
If you expect a relationship to improve only when both people work on it equally, you'll be doomed to a very long wait.

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