Saturday, 7 October 2017

Canadian province - Quebec

This is part of a series going through the 10 Provinces of Canada in alphabetical order to check out how they got named, what their flag is like and other things of interest. 

Quebec is the only Canadian Province where the majority (over 80%) speak French as their first language. Almost 40% of them are bi-lingual.

The province became Quebec when the English defeated the French and entered into The Treaty of Paris in 1763.  There have been a number of independence referenda but to date none have succeeded.

Location – Quebec borders 4 US states.  There are over ½ a million lakes in Quebec – which is mind boggling.

Pronounciation – Kwi - bek

Nicknames – Je me souviens (I remember)


Capital – Quebec City which is a much smaller city than Montreal.

Flower – Blue Flag Iris

Tree – Yellow birch

Bird – Snowy Owl

Sport – Ice Hockey

Signature foods – Duck Poutine

Famous places to visit – Forillon National Park, Chateau Frontenac, Montreal Botanical Gardens and Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal.

Famous people from Quebec – Leonard Cohen, William Shatner, Pierre Trudeau, Celine Dion

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