Saturday, 30 September 2017

It's Just a Figure of Speech!

This post was inspired by a quiz show.  I realised that all that I ever knew about figures of speech was sadly rusty.  So today I'm taking a couple of the most common figures of speech – Similes and Metaphors – and giving you some examples.

So as you will know, both of these figures of speech are a way of comparing something or someone to something else – similes are more direct – they say 'like' or 'as' whereas metaphors just straight out call the person something else.

Some of the most delightful metaphors are mixed ones – like

He's got his marbles crossed
Let's get all our ducks on the same page
Don't bite the hand that rocks the cradle

Next month, I'll post about Hyperbole and Litotes – bet you can't wait!

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