Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Close Enough To Touch by Colleen Oakley

Close Enough To Touch is a good book.  It has quirky characters that you need to find out what happens to them.  I spent quite a lot of time reading this when I had other things I should have been doing – not just yucky things either.

The heroine of the book is Jubilee Jenkins.  At the start of the book she has been housebound on her own for 9 years.  Then her mother dies and Jubilee no longer has a source of funds.

What Jubilee does and how she manages (or not) her condition is fascinating.  Her life intersects with a solo father – who is the strong silent type and his son Aja.  All of them are interesting but difficult characters.

One of the quotes on the back cover is 'Oakley delivers a story that overflows with compassion, humor, and the impulsive need to read just one more chapter until you reach the very satisfying end.'  Just so!


  1. I might add this to my reading list too. I am currently reading a book that I may write on later, but can't decide if it is going to be one that I finish or not.

  2. Thanks for the review. New one for me.

  3. This book sounds interesting. Jubilee is definitely a unique name!


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