Wednesday, 21 June 2017

There is No Good Card For This: What to say and do when life is scary, awful, and unfair to people you love by Kelsey Crowe and Emily McDowell

The title of this book is so long I'm not going to repeat it.  But this is a great book for a myriad of reasons.

·         It deals with a very important topic
·         But it does this in a clear and often humorous way
·         It is fabulously illustrated by Emily McDowell

But to convince you I have chosen a couple of graphics to give you an indication as to why EVERYONE should read this (sorry for the shouting).

This book is not just for people whose family or friends are dealing with a difficult situation but also for anyone going through one themselves.  It gives you perspective on why people are often so hopeless at saying/doing the right thing.  And gives you a basis for forgiving them.

This will be definitely be going onto my Top 20 once I can figure out which book I will need to reluctantly delete from the list.


  1. It sounds like a useful book, I will look for it.

  2. Interesting - the title definitely caught my attention.

  3. Sounds wonderful!!

    I love the ones you chose to share.



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