Monday, 5 June 2017

Portraits of HM The Queen

We are observing Queen's Birthday today so I got together some portraits of Her Majesty to share with you.

The pic at the top is her Coronation portrait by Cecil Beaton.  This was in 1953.

William Dargie painted this one in 1954 when the Queen was on a visit to Australia – love the colour of the dress.

This one is a hand coloured photo by Dorothy Wilding. 

This Diamond Jubilee portrait from 2013 by Dan Llewelyn Hall is not much liked apparently by the public  - but I like it.  I think her character and purpose shine through.

This charming photo is of the Queen aged 2 by Paul Popper.  You can see what she thought of being photographed in her face!

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  1. Nice montage of her though the years. Must be tough being born into royalty, when you think about it. So many expectations and you can't choose your own path.


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