Saturday, 8 April 2017

Sweet Forgiveness by Lori Nelson Spielman

Thanks to Melissa of Chick Lit Central for adding her review of this book to Books You Loved.  Without her recommendation I would not have been attracted to this book.  The publisher's blurb doesn't really do it justice.

I found this book to be a moving exploration of how your childhood experiences can not only be remembered incompletely but also how families can be re-built.  And how you can learn to deal with ambiguity in your life – Oh, heck, that's not captured it either.

The book is not perfect – there are one or two co-incidences too many and one or two of the characters are a bit one-dimensional.  But it was a great read.  I highly recommend it to anyone who comes from a difficult family dynamic – and isn't that just about everyone?


  1. Mhm...I can't stand one-dimensional characters

  2. So glad my review had an impact on you!


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