Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Swiss Eggs - Reprised

Carole's Chatter: Swiss Eggs

I have no idea why this dish is Swiss!  I buttered some ramekins as well as I could (it didn't work- the egg still stuck a bit)

I put some pepper and some grated cheese into each ramekin – about a third of the way up and then broke 2 eggs into each ramekin.

More grated cheese on top followed by a splosh of cream and a few spots of Worcestershire sauce.

I baked these in a low oven until they were sufficiently done – in my case about 35 minutes (I think 25 would have been enough)

I baked them sitting in some hot water in an oven dish – the hot water came almost half way up the ramekins.  If you put too much water in you will have a bit of difficulty getting the ramekins out for serving.


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