Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Books You Loved: March Edition and Blog of the Month

Books You Loved: February had lots of interesting books – as always.  Some reviews that caught my eye were:

Elizabeth from Silver's Reviews added Traveling Light to the collection.  She said 'TRAVELING LIGHT is a book to read when you need to be uplifted, when you need to hear good comments about mankind, and when you  just need a change of pace that comes with beautiful, descriptive writing and marvelous characters.'

Michelle from Jarrah Jungle  brought over Cooking For Picasso.  Michelle said 'Being that the story is set in France this is a perfect holiday read'

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children was contributed by Marci of Stone Cottage Adventures.  The review said 'I was absolutely mesmerized by this book.  It is written in first person from the perspective of Jacob Portman, a sixteen year old boy who struggles with fitting into society where he is from.'

Silver's Reviews also brought us Two Days Gone.  Elizabeth's review said 'The book kept spinning and spiraling into better and better as it became more frightening and more tense leaving the reader with an awesome finish.'

Lastly, I found Storm in a Teacup interesting.  It was reviewed by Doing Dewey.  She said 'I’ve long felt that my understanding of the physics everyday objects around me is poor and this was the perfect book to remedy that. Author Helen Czerski did an amazing job conveying why physics is so exciting to her. Her writing style was as entertaining and conversational as the blurbs promised. She illustrated every concept with her personal experiences, fascinating historical anecdotes, and interesting natural phenomena'

To see other books that were linked in, you can hop on over to this Pinboard.

Now for the March collection.  Remember the post doesn't have to be a recent one and the book doesn't have to have been recently published or read.  The only requirement is that it is about a book that you loved.

To add to the list just pop the name of the book (and your name/blog name if you like) into the first Mr Linky box and then copy and paste the url of your post about it into the second box.

I'll be pinning your links to this Pinboard to make it easier for you to check them out at a glance.

I have selected a new Blog of the Month for you – something just a bit different from my usual selections.  I have closely followed Linda of Linda's Life Journal for several years now – starting from just before her quad grandkids were born – her blog is always a delight.  I hope you enjoy it too.  It is not a food or books blog – it  is a personal journal – always entertaining and heart-warming.


  1. Oh dear, all of the books you describe above sound interesting. I am trying to read books I already have (hundreds of them).

  2. Love this linkup! I had to add two books I absolutely loved.

  3. The Fire by Night: Spellbinding #histfic debut spotlights heroism and sacrifice of WWII nurses. Not to be missed.

  4. Chasing Christmas Past is steampunk novel with airships and a good read!

  5. Hey, Carole! Thanks for recommending my blog. We've been friends for quite awhile! I forget how we found each other's blog but I'm glad we did!

  6. Storm in a Teacup sounds like an awesome read!

  7. Thanks for heads up, had tallied up my site earlier this morning.

  8. Thanks, Carole. just added 'The House of the Four Winds' by John Buchan. Love his writing.

    1. This sounds good. Love the title.

      Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thank you for the mention Carole! This month I'm linking up a beautiful and unusual story called Lyerbird :)

  10. Nothing worthy of linking up to this month, so I'll be checking out what others have posted instead :-)

  11. I read about seven books this month, but The Dressmaker's Dowry was my favorite out of all of them.

    Thanks for featuring two of my reviews from last month.

    ENJOY your reading month!!


  12. I have at last got around to leaving a link. I am meeting this author at a Literary Dinner later this month and will be reading her new novel.

  13. This month, I have linked in the wonderful classic A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.

  14. thanks for doing this Carol.

  15. I never realized I could add any book, so I just added my favourite book ever!

    Happy Reading!

  16. It was a slow reading month for me but I did manage to finally choose a favorite book for March!


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