Sunday, 12 February 2017

Lychees with Mascarpone Cream

Carole's Chatter: Lychees with Mascarpone Cream

This is the first time I have bought fresh lychees.  And they were worth it.  The canned ones are just a shadow of the fresh ones.

So if you see these little beauties at your greengrocers, pick up some and give them a go.

They are a bit fiddly to prepare.  First you have to peel off the tough pink outer skin.  Then you have to remove the smooth hard stone in the middle.  I got some right so that they curled back together and looked nice and others fell apart a bit.  But it all tasted nice.

I served them freshly peeled with a dollop of mascarpone cream.  That is equal quantities of mascarpone and double cream just stirred together.  I also put a few basil leaves along with some peel on the plate for a pop of colour.


  1. I agree, nothing beats fresh lychees. We don't see them often where I live now, but when I worked in Hawaii, oh my! They were delicious.

  2. I've never had lychees but I would like to try them.

  3. Funny I have never tried them! Must resolve that.

  4. I had no idea that Idaho was on the Canadian border! Those spudnuts look incredible and you have given me the travel itch now! :)

    1. Not sure what happened, but that comment was meant for your Idaho post! However, lychees are a fruit that has been on my list of things to try for quite some time. Have a good week! :)

  5. I just had fresh mango with lime juice and a little bit of dried red pepper flakes at lunch! A little taste of the tropics on a snowy day. I've never tried lychees, fresh or canned, but will have to try them if I see them in the store!


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