Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Before the Fall by Noah Hawley

Before the Fall is a thriller – and I don't usually read thrillers.  But it is a thriller that I think almost everyone, men and women, will enjoy.  The author is also responsible for the series Fargo – and certainly I can see the book becoming a movie soon – if it isn't already.

There is a small plane crash.  2 survivors.  But what happened?  I won't spoil it for you but there are a number of contemporary themes at work:

·         The impact of, and approach taken by cable news
·         Rich people living on the edge of the law – or breaking it
·         How events early in your life can have significant later impacts
·         Conspiracy theories

I hope I haven't put you off at all. There is one chapter at the end of the book which uses egregiously bad language.  I think the author thought it was necessary for the character… but?  And the cover is not appealing.

Please overlook these things and give it a go.

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