Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Woman Who Went To Bed for A Year by Sue Townsend

The English author Sue Townsend is sadly no longer with us – having died in 2014.  The Woman Who Went To bed for A Year was written in 2012.  I first enjoyed her work with her Adrian Mole books.

This book is different but displays the same knack for humour – albeit a bit dark at times.  The Independent said this book  is 'full of colour and complexity, is a bit bonkers, and glows with life'  I think this captures the flavour of the book very well.

The premise of a woman who just snaps one day and decides to stay in bed is quirky – the other characters even more quirky.

Parts of the book are really hilarious – like the Christmas which is put on by her husband – never having done it before.

Some of the characters are not at all likeable and one, Poppy, is truly ghastly.  If this was based on a real person I hope never to meet her.

I don't think this post has done this book justice.  If you like quirky and English humour, this book is for you.  There are also some elements which made me think about The Rosie Project.  The heroine's husband and children are portrayed in a way that makes you think they are on the autism spectrum.

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  1. I love quirky British humor, Carole, thanks for recommending it!


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