Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A Nutty Sauce

Carole's Chatter: A Nutty Sauce

I had some peanuts from a gift hamper and decided to use them in a sauce for some pork steaks.  The sauce was rich – not an everyday sauce but maybe just once in a while.


Peanuts and flaked almonds
Tart cherry juice
Crème fraiche
Dijon mustard

You might also need some lemon juice or sugar if necessary to balance the sauce


I bashed up the nuts in a plastic bag using a pestle

Then put all the ingredients except for the brandy into a small pot and heat slowly.  When the sauce is well combined add a splash of brandy – my hand slipped and I had to cook most of the brandy out  for longer.

The sauce was very nice and no one flavour dominated – except the brandy.

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