Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Books You Loved: November

Books You Loved: October had lots of super books.  Some reviews that caught my eye were:

Wall-toWall Books reviewed The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan.  The review said 'Favorite book of the year so far!!! Oh I just loved this book. It was absolutely adorable… This book was a true a happily-ever-after fairy-tale! It was sweet, fun, romantic to the point of goosebumps, and kind of sexy! But not graphic - thank you!'

Letters From Paris by Juliet Blackwell was reviewed by Elizabeth from Silver's Reviews.  She said it 'left me with a warm, cozy feeling because it was filled with history, family, Paris, love, and was simply a lovely read.'

Words and Peace brought us French Rhapsody  by Antoine Laurain.  The review summed up the book as 'Quirky and nostalgic, hilarious and satirical. A portrait of France as you may not know it! I have now read this book myself – I enjoyed it but not as much as The Red Notebook – it was a bit too political for me.

To see other books that were linked in, you can hop on over to this Pinboard.

You may have noticed that I have now inserted a top page called Books in my header.  Here you will find books that I have reviewed because I thought they were great plus a list of books I have read but chose not to review.  It's a work in progress but I hope you'll find it useful.

Now for the November collection.  Remember the post doesn't have to be a recent one and the book doesn't have to have been recently published or read.  The only requirement is that it is about a book that you loved.

To add to the list just pop the name of the book (and your name/blog name if you like) into the first Mr Linky box and then copy and paste the url of your post about it into the second box.

I'll be pinning your links to this Pinboard to make it easier for you to check them out at a glance.

Happy reading!


  1. all set, tx for the email. read a ton this month and we even traveled to Niagara falls then onto ohio

  2. She does whatever she needs to in an attempt to live her life on her own terms...

  3. I'm just checking in extra early, see you later in the month!

  4. October was a great reading month for me and I have linked you to three books that I unreservedly loved! Happy reading.

  5. It was a banner reading month for me, so have added three wonderful titles.

  6. Ohhh...I LOVED Letters From Paris - glad you liked my review.

    Thanks for featuring it for this month.

    I so want to read The Bookshop on the Corner. I have seen so many good reviews.

    ENJOY your week and this month. Can you believe it is November already? CRAZY.


  7. Thank you for hosting this lovely party! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  8. I did some really good reading in October, from which I linked in A Feast For Crows by George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones). I read more great books but sadly I haven't got round to posting about them, yet!

  9. I didn't read many books last month due to my constant migraines but I still found it hard to decide for which one to go. I decided for "Samarcande" over "The Audacity of Hope" because the former is more a novel.

    Always enjoy your lists, even if I can't contribute every month.

    Happy Reading,
    Marianne from Let's Read

  10. Hi Carole, two Aussie authors this time. Hope the shaking hasn't affected you too much over there.

  11. Hello Carole,
    I just made my choice for November's Book of the Month. Such a good book!


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