Saturday, 8 October 2016

Sense & Sensibility by Joanna Trollope

Thanks to the review in The Nature of Things, I read Sense & Sensibility – which is by an author I have read and enjoyed before, Joanna Trollope.  It is a modern day re-telling of the Jane Austen book.

I enjoyed this book but as with The Vinegar Girl, I felt that the book was not improved by being shackled to the Austen plot.

Some comments:

·         The cover of the book is very clever.  At a quick glance it looks to be regency style but on closer inspiection you see that the girls are sharing earphones

·         The cover correctly indicates some ambiguity about the time setting of the book.  While some modern technology is mentioned overall I felt that it wasn't a particularly modern story.  It took some pages before I realised that it was set in modern times

·         Elinor as a character is very well drawn but I found some of the other characters a bit one dimensional.

If you love Jane Austen and know the plot of Sense & Sensibility well, I think you should read this.

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  1. I like Joanna Trollope very much and this is a new one for me.


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